SPEC Energy Consulting

Electrical power systems and energy analysis


We are an electrical power systems and energy analysis consulting company. Our core business is the technical, economical and regulatory of the energy sector. Additionally, we carry out research and development activities hand-to-hand with several researchers in different countries.

Our team has been thoughtfully selected to join our company culture and values. Each one of us is an expert in his field, giving us a technical edge. Our team of collaborators are renowned academics and professionals from the energy sector, locally and abroad. To tackle each problem we co-create collaborative teams of the highest level to deliver the best result in the market.


Carlos Suazo Martínez

Executive Team - Director


Eduardo Pereira Bonvallet

Innovation Director

Executive Team – Innovation Director

Cristian Serpell Carriquiry

Executive Team - Technologies Director

Technologies Director

José Araya Galdames

Permanent Engineer

Development Engineer

Eduardo Escobar

Permanent Engineer

Development Engineer

Felipe González

Permanent Engineer

Permanent Engineer


Rodrigo Moreno Vieyra

Permanent Colaborator

Universidad de Chile

Francisco Muñoz

Permanent Colaborator

Juan Araya Pérez

Permanent Colaborator