Ameba is a Cloud-based platform that lets you

simulate future energy markets



Advanced visualization dashboard

We have developed an advanced dashboard to visualize results directly after simulation.
Multiple interactive reports are automatically generated, saving you time and facilitating analysis.
Manage databases easily and interactively with our support tools for database management.

Multiple analysis and tools

Long, medium and short-term analysis are integrated into the same tool. AMEBA puts at the tip of your fingers state-of-the-art optimization models and algorithms for power systems analysis, to carry out deterministic and multi-stage studies ranging from hours to decades:

  • Generation and transmission capacity expansion planning
  • Hydro-thermal coordination
  • Short-term dispatch and unit commitment
  • Short-term self-scheduling of price taker hydro producers
  • Multiple energy technologies

    Conventional energy generation technologies (thermal and hydro), are represented along with new technologies such as photovoltaics, wind, CSP and storage in the power system. Technical limits of thermal power plants are integrated across the different models.

    Powerful computing

    Configure simulations on your computer, execute them on the Cloud. Ameba gives you access to unlimited high performance computing infrastructure, without third-party or stand-alone licensing restrictions.
    Shorter simulation times or no simplification for complex modeling. Perform different simulations concurrently without need of upgrading your IT hardware.


    Reduce typing errors. Use an unique database for all simulations and studies.


    Run simulations across multiple devices and save costs


    Online-based technical support and issue handling


    Quickly review the results of your simulations with advanced and interactive visualizations



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